Why 2017 is a Great Time to Buy a Suppressor

From the desk of eSilencers CEO, John Rich

Let’s face it. Buying a suppressor is not as easy as it should be especially with the new regulations(41f) going into effect July 13th, 2016. With the requirement to do fingerprint cards, pictures, and a new revised Form 4(which we all know how bad we hate new paperwork), the industry was full speed ahead for the 6 months leading up to 41f. Since the new regulations were put into place, the industry has dramatically slowed down to an amount we have not seen in years.

With all that, 2017 could be a very good time to buy a suppressor.

Now, on to the article…

My 3 opinions on why right now is a great time to buy a suppressor:

1 – Prices on suppressors especially on esilencers.com are some the lowest you will ever see:

With the temporary decrease in demand for suppressors has brought some excellent deals on suppressors especially from SilencerCO. At least for the next few months, you should see some superb deals. If you can get past the paperwork and wait times, you should be able to take advantage of some good deals.

2 – Wait times will start to decrease again.

Since the new regs were announced, the amount of Form 4 applications that the ATF received hit heights that made Mount Everest look small. With the massive amount of new applications came much longer wait times. Average wait times for the past 6 months has been 8-12 months. As time passes, and with not a lot of new applications received, the ATF is slowly but surely catching up meaning much less wait times. With that said, though, wait times will still not be quick, but in the coming months, we should see wait times back down to pre-41f times.

3 – Our support for the industry in 2017 will indeed make a difference more than ever before.

Last but not least. With Trump coming into office in 2017, the chances of the Hearing Protection Act passing has increased. This is a positive for the future of suppressors. However, there are still politicians that are unsure about whether suppressors should be treated like regular firearms. So, it is not a for sure thing that this bill will pass. It still would need some help from a few Democrats for it to pass smoothly through the Senate. Can it pass through the Senate? Yes. However, it is not a given, and the more support this industry has from law abiding Gun owners, the better. By continuing to support this industry by purchasing suppressors even with the NFA process, our Government will see the demand to preserve our Hearing and hopefully will make buying suppressors in the future easier.

And there it is. My take on why 2017 is a very good time to buy a suppressor.  We at esilencers.com will continue to provide the lowest prices and best customer service in the industry.  Buy a suppressor online now at www.esilencers.com.  


John Rich, CEO at eSilencers.com


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