How to Transfer a NFA Item Without Using a Silencer Kiosk Dealer, but Still Using the Silencer Shop Service:

Helpful Info to avoid being held hostage by a SS Kiosk Dealer’s prices!

Are you tired of being held hostage by your local Silencer Shop Kiosk Dealer because they are the only ones in the area with the magical kiosk? And you are forced to either buy what they have in shop, or off their SS Page even though they might not carry what your looking for, out of stock on that item, or even worse, way over priced on that Suppressor you want. You then go find it online, purchase it, and contact that local dealer for the transfer only to find out they don’t accept outside transfers, or charge $150-$200 for a transfer.

If so, I’ve got some cool info for you!

Look I get it, dealers have to make money too. And inflation has been rough. But some of these transfer fees they are charging are straight price gouging. And you feel trapped because they are the only dealer in your area that provides the Kiosk for your Fingerprints, Photo, and Info.

But there is another option in which you can still use the Kiosk, and possibly avoid the outrageous transfer fees.

Silencer Shop has a large dealer base, and only about 1/5 of those dealers actually have a kiosk. So, how do their customers get the hard part done which is their fingerprints, and still use these non-kiosk dealers?

Quiet Simple. They have 3 options:

1. They first go to a third party fingerprint service, and have their prints done using the new eft format. Which is basically a digital copy of your prints. Once completed, they will email you a copy in an eft file, and you email this to whom ever you use as your dealer including Silencer Shop. And what’s cool is it’s yours for life! To use anytime you want. Note: We recommend using Print Scan for this. They are located across the US, and you can simply Google them for locations near you.

2. Second way is the old fashion way of manually during your prints by purchasing an ink pad and cards online, and doing them yourself. We sell the ink and pads online for $15, and you can roll anytime you need them. We also have a YouTube video online that explains the process.
3. Last but not least. And probably the best way is to simply walk into any Gun Shop that has a SS Kiosk, and tell them you want to input your info in the system for future purchases. We are not aware of any dealer out there that will refuse to let you do this. Especially since you work the kiosk by yourself without any assistance from an employee. Once your info and prints are in the system, your are officially in Silencer Shop’s system, and can simply go to ANY Silencer Shop Dealer you want even if they don’t have a kiosk! All they have to do is assign the serial number of the Suppressor you transfer in to your SS account. And bam! You’re ready for them to start the Eform 4 process!

Note: The only true purpose for the kiosk is for your fingerprints. All the other info including your photo can be done online. So, if you have an eft file of your prints, there is no need to even go to a kiosk. Totally pointless. That the reason we recommend going the eft route. Why let someone else hold power over you when you can control the transfer process by having 24/7 access to your prints!

For more info, you can email us at

For locations of Print Scans near you, click the link below.

You can also go to Indentogo locations as well. They are similar to Print Scan.

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