Now Taking Pre-Order & Backorders on ThunderBeast's New Expanded Magnus Line!

For the first time since 2019, we are going to start accepting pre-order & backorders on new and out of stock ThunderBeast Suppressors!

As long we are able to fulfill your pre-order / backorder in a reasonable time, we will email you an invoice for the total cost, a due date set close to when the Suppressor will be fulfilled, and a small deposit due right then.

The deposit will be $300, and anytime you choose to make a payment, it has to be at least $300.

Note: By putting a $300 deposit down, this secures the exact Suppressor you want from TBAC.

ThunderBeast now has over 50 Suppressor SKU’s! So, in order for you to get exactly what you want, this is your best way of doing so!

Note: We will email you an invoice ASAP for the model you choose.

Example for Model: Magnus S RR
Example for Caliber: .30
Example for Color: Black

Fill out the form below:


Why are we taking pre-order & backorders on TBAC and not other brands?

Simple, ThunderBeast has an awesome and sophisticated fulfillment system that allows us as the dealer to track our orders with them.

We are allotted an order number for each order. And we are able to see an estimated time frame when the Suppressors will be shipped to us.

For example: Order #12345ABCDE, when imputed into ThunderBeast’s Portal Online shows that serial numbers will be assigned from March 15th-April 1st. Now, this date is just the assigned serial number date. So, you would want to add an extra month on this time frame. So in this example, we should receive the Suppressor Order sometime between April 15th to May 1st. This is just an example. And doesn’t represent an actual order with TBAC.

What if we need to cancel?

As long as the cancellation is before serial numbers are assigned, we can refund with a 5% fee deducted.

Once serials are assigned, there will be a $150 flat fee assessed.

How can you guarantee I get the exact model I want?

ThunderBeast is flexible with us since we order such large volumes of their Suppressors per year. As long as the serial numbers have not been assigned, we can make changes to our orders.

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