SilencerCo ASR Series Reviewed

If you’re not aware, the new SilencerCO Saker ASR series Suppressors is actually a revised version of the original Saker which was SilencerCO’s high end Rifle Can for years. The original Saker was known for its extreme durability, and quietness. However, the original was priced at over $1,000 for the 762 version, and over time, other new Suppressors were just as quiet and durable which made this Suppressor a tough sale.

So, SilencerCO went in, and revised the Saker with a whole new look, internals, and substantially lowered the price. You can now purchase the new Saker for a lower price than the Omega(under $800).

The Saker series, just like the older Saker series has three different models. These include:

  1. Saker ASR 762
  2. Saker ASR 556
  3. Saker ASR 556K

Here are some of the changes on the new Saker:

  1. The new Saker uses the popular ASR quick detach mounting system which is found on the Omega and SpecWar series. This is a much better mounting system than the original Trifecta mount that was on the older Saker.
  2. The cosmetics are slightly different on the new Saker. The design is similar to the old, but has a lot more texture on the body compared to the old, and is longer in the 762 version.
  3. The one thing that dramatically changed for the good was the reduction in decibels compared to the old. The new 762 version has an average DB reduction of around 5 compared to the old Saker 762. However, the 5.56 and 5.56k models are around the same as the original.
  4. One of the reasons for such a drop in DBs is the fact that the new Saker is around 1.5-2 inches longer than the original. And it’s also around a couple more ounces in wait compared to the original.
  5. Probably the biggest plus to the new revised Saker is the price point. The MSRP on the new Sakers is over $400 less than the original which makes the new Sakers less than the Omega.

One thing that did not change from the original was the use of the stainless steel core, and the Stellite Baffle system which is being used in your higher end quality Suppressors.

Our take on the new Saker series

You might ask. What would be reasons to purchase the new Saker over the Omega?

  1. The new Saker is over $100 cheaper than the Omega. I’m not here to tell you this is the deciding factor, but it does help.
  2. If the mount on your AR is positioned under your rail system, a larger diameter like the Omega might not fit. The Saker series is slimmer than the Omega. So, this might be your best option.
  3. The Saker unlike the Omega is rated for extremely short barrels. If your using 7.5, 10.5, 12.5, etc. size barrels. The Saker series is a better option for you since the Omega is not rated for really short barrels.
  4. Last but not least, this Suppressor is built like a tank! It is built using the best robust material available on Suppressors.

I’m not here to convince you the Saker series is the best option for you. Even though it is definitely an impressive Suppressor, there are negatives. For one, it’s pretty heavy. It’s also pretty long especially in the 762 version. However, if your looking for a high quality Suppressor at a great price point, this series is worth looking at.

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