We Are SS Kiosk Compatible

Purchase through us, and we can transfer to your SS Kiosk Dealer!

Purchasing A Suppressor Online

For Customers Nationwide

We are simplifying online suppressor purchasing no matter where you live! It is super simple to purchase a suppressor online and we are making it even easier! We use the newest technology for our paperwork, the Barcode Form 4 for faster approvals.

1. Purchase the Suppressor on our secure website, or over the phone with us.

During checkout, annotate what Class 3 Dealer you want to use for the transfer. If you do not have a Class 3 Dealer and need us to help you find one, annotate in the note section, “Need help finding a Class 3 Dealer.”

2. We will then coordinate transferring your suppressor to your dealer.

Once we have your dealer’s info, we will contact them on your behalf and request a copy of their FFL/SOT. Once we receive their license, we will submit a dealer to dealer (Form 3) transfer.

3. Once approved, we ship your suppressor to your dealer.

Once approved by the ATF (normally 1-5 days), we ship your suppressor to your dealer and email you the tracking number. And that’s it!

Important Info to Know:
  • We can now prepare your Form 4 paperwork on your dealer’s behalf and include your paperwork with your suppressor, completed and ready to mail to the ATF! We use the barcoded Form 4, which is the newest technology. Click here for more info on this service!
  • We utilize Eforms for our Form 3 (Dealer to Dealer) transfers, which takes approximately 1-5 days for approval.
  • We are also Silencer Shop Kiosk compatible! This means that if you purchase a suppressor through us, you can transfer it through a local dealer’s SS Kiosk system if available. This enables you to utilize the fingerprint, photos, and paperwork service the Kiosk provides.
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