EZ Fingerprint Storage Service

We make the NFA process much easier.

The Fingerprint Storage Service is an awesome, yet simple, way for us to store your fingerprints on our FBI approved scanner so you don’t have to do your fingerprints every time you purchase an NFA Item!

Note: This service is for ALL customers nationwide, not just our TN customers.

One fingerprint card from you. Buy as many suppressors as you like!

1. Mail us one completed FD-258 fingerprint card.

2. We will then store your prints on our secure FBI approved system.

3. Anytime you purchase a suppressor through us, your fingerprint cards are included at no charge!

4. If you need your fingerprint cards and don’t buy from us, no worries! We will only charge you $10 for up to two sets, with shipping included!

Note: For our non-TN Residents, we will include your fingerprints with your suppressor when we ship to your dealer.

NFA Made EZ Form 4 Preparation

We now are offering state-of-the-art NFA Form 4 Barcoded Paperwork Preparation and fingerprint storage for you, no matter what NFA friendly state you live in! Both the Barcoded Form 4 paperwork preparation service and the fingerprint storage service are offered to our customers who live long-distance from our shop and can’t make the drive. Anyone, including our long-distance TN residents and our non-TN residents, can utilize this service. Take advantage of our NFA expertise and technology advancements and allow us to make the NFA process as simple as possible for you!

“Now all of our paperwork is barcoded for faster approvals and fewer chances for errors and is available to all customers, no matter where you live!”

  • Did you know that we are now capable of handling your Form 4 paperwork (barcoded), including your fingerprints and photos, even if you live hundreds to thousands of miles away from our shop?!
  • We can now handle your paperwork, fingerprints, and photos! Yes, even if we are transferring a suppressor to a dealer in your state, we can still handle the complete process for you.
  • We are set up to be able to extend our EZ NFA process to our customers who are not local to us and can’t make it in to our shop. Whether you’re in Alaska or Maine, we can make the NFA purchasing process super simple for you!

TN residents: You can purchase a suppressor on our website, and we will email you the paperwork for you to digitally sign without leaving your house! You will then snap a picture of yourself with your smartphone and text/email it back to us.

Non-TN residents: Once we receive your dealer’s FFL/SOT license, we will prepare your paperwork for your dealer and include the paperwork in a priority envelope addressed to the ATF. All you and your dealer have to do is sign the paperwork and it’s ready to go! As far as your passport picture goes, just snap a picture of yourself with your smartphone and text/email it back to us. We then simply digitally add your photo to your paperwork, so you do not have to attach a picture yourself!

Note: It normally takes approximately 1-5 days for us to receive approvals back from the ATF for Form 3 (Dealer to Dealer) transfers. The Form 3 process is the process to transfer a suppressor to your dealer.


Add the “NFA made easy fingerprint service” at the checkout.

Note: Your fingerprints will be fully secured on a system that only one person at eSilencers has access to and that person is the owner, John M. Rich. Rest assured, that your information is secure with us!

This is a much safer way to store your prints than on a system that transmits your prints online. We do not store your prints online. So, your prints are safe from hackers with us!

If you have any questions about these awesome services, feel free to contact us at info@esilencers.com!

Did you know that you can roll your own Fingerprints?

Check out our “How to” video on instructions!

Note: You can purchase a FingerPrint Kit from us in the link below.

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