NFA Form 4 Barcode system: The new revelation in more efficient and faster NFA approvals.

The ATF along with 3 heavy weights(Silencer Shop, Dead Air, and Gemtech) in the Suppressor industry announced in August a new barcode system for NFA Form 4’s. This barcode system is rumored to be able to not only decrease the amount of clerical errors, but also decrease wait times.

What exactly is this new barcode system?

This new system was created in collaboration with the ATF by Silencer Shop, Dead Air, and Gemtech in which it prints a barcode on your Form 4 paperwork that electronically stores all the data on the Form 4. So, when the ATF receives your paperwork, they scan the barcode, and all the info is automatically stored in their system saving a decent amount of time from the old method of manually entry.


How does it work?

You will just fill out the Form 4 online like it’s normally done, except when you print the Form 4, there will be a 2D Barcode that has all the info on the Forms embedded in the barcode. You simply mail the paperwork to the ATF like normal. And when the ATF receives the paperwork, they will scan the barcode automatically uploading all the info on their system.


How much of the wait time will decrease?

Nobody knows yet. Some are saying it will decrease wait times to 90 days or less. However, nobody really knows for sure. The barcodes will not be given priority over non-barcodes. So, once the barcode is scanned in, it will sit in a stack along with the other Form 4’s(barcode or no barcode).


Other than a possible decrease in wait times, what are other benefits?

Probably the biggest benefit there is to this new system is the fact that this barcode system could dramatically decrease the amount of clerical errors when the ATF inputs the info on the Form 4. Until now, the ATF would have to manually input the info on the Form 4 in which there was constantly errors. Now, a ATF contractor simply scans the barcode, and passes the Form 4 along to wait on the examiner’s final approval. This makes this barcode system a much more efficient way to process Form 4’s.


Is the barcode system proprietary to only the original developer?

Absolutely not! Any software company that has the means and knowledge can implement this barcode system. The barcode system can be reverse engineered by anybody that knows how. In fact, we recommend that Class 3 dealers use for the most efficient quickest way to generate Form 4’s. This company has the best system in place by far!


Last but not least. Can this system be used by individuals?

Absolutely! However, only Class 3 dealers can use the version by But the original version can be used by anybody, and is absolutely free!


Go to:

-free to anyone including non-dealers, but does not automatically populate all the info. Meaning you must type in manually most of the info.


-cost to use it, and is only available to Class 3 dealers. However, this system saves all customer’s info, and has all Manufacturer’s info including different models already in the system saving a ton of time!

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