NFA Fingerprint Cards & Photos

The number one tip to give anybody who is getting their fingerprints taken at a third-party source or local police department is to have them print several extra copies of your fingerprints for other future purchases. That way, anytime you need fingerprint cards, you will have them already. This gives you the option to shop around and purchase NFA Items where you can get the best prices and customer service.

You can mail us one completed fingerprint card and we can scan and print multiple copies for you without you ever coming into our shop!

Anytime you purchase an NFA item, you must include (2) FD-258 fingerprint cards.

If you are mailing off multiple copies of the Form 4 (paperwork to transfer a suppressor to you) in the same packet, you only have to include one set of fingerprint cards for all of the Form 4s.

Anyone who is properly equipped to take fingerprints can do fingerprint cards. The wording by the ATF on this matter leaves it open for interpretation, meaning the ATF is very lenient on who can do your fingerprint cards and where.


Ways To Have Fingerprints Done:

In order to be properly equipped to do your own fingerprints like the ATF states, we recommend you have:

EP-15 fingerprint pad black ink, FD-258 cards, correction tabs (recommended), and fingerprint card holder (recommended).

Note: We have a full instructional video on how to do your own prints. We also sell the complete Fingerprint Kit on our website for $25.

If you’re using a gun trust, anyone who is listed as a co-trustee at the time you mail your paperwork off has to also include (2) fingerprint cards.

Note: Anybody listed as a beneficiary on your gun trust does NOT have to include fingerprints.

You must include your social security number and personal info on the cards. You do NOT have to list your address. In the section that says, “Reason for Fingerprints”, you can annotate “Class 3”.


You must include (2) 2X2 passport style photos when submitting a Form 4 as an individual. You must include (1) 2X2 photo for each responsible person on a trust.

Note: You will attach each picture (two) on an individual Form 4 on Page 2 of each of the two forms that go to the ATF.
You will attach one photo for each responsible person on the Responsible Person Questionnaire for a trust.

You can snap a picture on your smart phone and have it printed out at a Walgreens, CVS, etc.
If your transferring dealer uses certain software to prepare your Form 4, you should be able to email a digital picture to them instead. This is the process we utilize when preparing Form 4s.

You will need to take a new picture every year if buying a new suppressor.

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