5 Common Myths About Owning Suppressors

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In this blog we discuss some common myths surrounding Suppressors and Suppressor laws.

We will first start with the most basic myths that are out there from the common person:


First Myth: “I heard that Silencers will completely silence your gun.”

First off, the proper term is Suppressor. They do not completely silence your Gun. They only suppress the noise. This is a common myth you hear due to Hollywood depicting them as completely silencing your Gun. This is one of the reasons why Suppressors are considered dangerous due to the silent assassin myth that Hollywood has made people to believe. In fact, Suppressors for the most part make your Gun hearing safe in which will preserve your hearing, and make for happy neighbors. Most Suppressors will bring the decibel rating down between 125-145 which is far from being completely silent.


Second Myth: “I’m not sure I want to buy a suppressor with all the extra paperwork because I heard that the government can come in your house unannounced for an inspection.”

Believe it or not. I have heard this said more than you would believe. This is totally false. For one, we have a right under the Constitution in which the government has no right to inspect your house just because you have NFA items. On top of this, the ATF has too much on their plate to have time to go around knocking on every NFA owner’s door. Bottom line. It ain’t going to happen!


Third Myth: “I heard you had to have a license to purchase suppressors.”

You do not have to have a license. to purchase Suppressors. You do however have to pay a one time tax of $200 per Suppressor, and fill out some paperwork in order to own one. This $200 is a tax, and not a license. So, there are no recurring fees.


Fourth Myth: “I heard that Suppressors improve accuracy, and reduce recoil.”

Suppressors themselves do not improve accuracy, or reduce recoil. They do however add additional weight on the front of your gun which in turn adds extra weight which can help with recoil and accuracy. It also reduces the noise which definitely helps people who are a little jumpy to the sometimes loud noises guns create. This is one of the benefits for someone who anticipates the loud noise causing them to be less accurate.

Do take into consideration that Suppressors usually have some POI(Point of Impact) Shift which does impact the accuracy some. However, most quality Suppressors have very little POI Shift.

Last but not least…


Fifth Myth: “I heard there is a bill out there that would legalize silencers.”

First off, Suppressors are already legal. They just require a tax of $200, more paperwork, and a decently long wait. The bill on the table is only to make Suppressors a title 1 item meaning you can purchase and take home a Suppressor the same day you purchase it. You will still have to do a background NICS check, but this bill will make Suppressors as easy as buying a regular gun. Will this bill pass? Maybe. Maybe not. I would say it is at best a 50/50 chance of passing. Getting through the Senate that has more Democrat power than the House of Representatives is the issue. So, if you’re waiting for it to pass, you might be waiting for longer than you like.


Can you think of other common myths that you hear a lot or have a potential myth that you are wondering about?  Comment below. 
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