Form 3 Transfer Wait Times

Insight on Same Day Approvals on Form 3 (Dealer-To-Dealer, Out-of-State) Transfers

From the desk of eSilencers CEO, John Rich


There have been rumors for awhile now that wait times on all NFA transfers(Form 1, Form 3, Form 4, etc.) will be improving dramatically this year.

Well, the first proof of this has happened with Form 3 transfers.

What is a Form 3 transfer?

Form 3 transfers are transfers from one dealer to another dealer. These type of transfers are important because if you want to buy a Suppressor from an online dealer out of state, this is the transfer that must be done to get your Suppressor to your local dealer. Normally, by purchasing online, you can save quite a bit of money.

How much have they improved?

To give you an idea, Form 3 transfers were taking anywhere from 45-75 days last summer. Now, with Eforms(online ATF form submissions) back up and running, we are now seeing most Form 3 approvals in less than 24 hours!

What has changed to have these super fast approvals?

For one, e-forms has greatly improved the timing and efficiency of Form 3’s. Before, you had to submit Form 3’s by paper mail. Second, the ATF recently divided their departments up where there are a select few ATF agents who are solely responsible for Form 3 submissions. Before, it was a shot in the dark which agent handled the Form 3’s. These changes have greatly improved the processing time for Form 3’s, and it has given people options to be able to purchase a Suppressor for a great price without having to wait an extra 2 months on top of the Form 4 wait times.

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