Payment Plan Option

half down, remaining half in 45 days

We at are now offering a payment plan option on our website. This payment plan is for our in stock suppressors. Unlike other payment plans that have high interest rates and are confusing, our plan is straight forward, and is offered by us. Not a third party source that runs a credit check on you. This plan is simple.

1. Choose the Suppressor you want.
2. Contact us at, and we will personally contact you to arrange down payment.
3. You will pay the first half of the total price, and a 5% fee for the service.
4. Once the 45 days are reached, we will email you a notification to arrange for remaining payment, and you will just simply pay the remaining balance. No other hidden fees!
5. We will go ahead and file the necessary paperwork Form 3(non-TN residents), or Form 4(TN residents) once the first half and 5% fee is paid.

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